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Pod with me Transparent
@ fatbellychannely
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I enjoyed this podcast so much. We need to hear more stories. Can you have a part 2? Those girls were so funny and made my drive home fun.
@ Wonder Daisy
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POD-TAS-TIC!!!!! Fun and interesting...don’t' miss this fresh new show!
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Found this podcast by accident and the cover engaged me. Entertaining and informative. Alex keep going!
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Great energy been a looong time fan since PSM! Circa 92-93 Really enjoyed the Madonna podcasts. We scored tickets to her upcoming tour and very excited to see it. Alex you are a rockstar. Thanks for starting the pod and incorporating it all. It’s been a long time since Palm Springs Middle but happy to say I’ve been a listener of your creations for 25+ years. Keep it going!
@ 305 Girls
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Love! I love the podcast & Alex! He’s the bomb!
@Mr 305 ALBC
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Different! Glad I ran into this podcast.
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A very instructional listening Loved the podcast, very instructional. Knowledge is power and and what better advise than the one true healthcare providers specialized on HIV can provide, truly worth the listen 🙂
John Doe
John Doe@ jc88hair
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Wow Loved the gift can’t wait for part two ! Awesome podcast !
@ orlyhia
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Entertaining! I really enjoy how different this podcast is . Love how you can have a serious topic then on another episode make me Laugh. I look forward to it every thursdsy! I dont fall off!
John Doe
John Doe
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Qué bien! Ill keep listening!